Become an Affiliate

Who can become an Affiliate?

Affiliates are categorized as “organizational” or “individual.” A qualifying Affiliate must work, or have an interest in, the field of seniors' mental health. An Affiliate may represent seniors, family members and caregivers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, research and educational organizations, and/or a private sector. Affiliates must be eager to contribute positively to the field of seniors' mental health.

Currently, hundreds of individual and organizational Affiliates from across Canada participate, and these numbers are continuously increasing. These Affiliates represent local, provincial, territorial, and federal organizations.

Advisory Groups:

Select groups, including government bodies or seniors’ advisory councils, are invited to participate in an advisory capacity to the CCSMH.

CCSMH Affiliate Responsibilities and Benefits:

Becoming an Affiliate bears no cost.

Affiliates are updated on CCSMH (and their key partners’) initiatives in the field of seniors’ mental health through frequent emails and e-newsletters.

Affiliates are expected to actively participate in the formation, development, and implementation of CCSMH initiatives and activities. Further, an Affiliate may disseminate the outcomes of CCSMH activities to their colleagues or the public through newsletters, websites, educational initiatives, and more.

Affiliates may not speak on behalf of the CCSMH independently, unless permission is granted by the Chair(s) and/or Steering Committee.

If you or your organization are interested in becoming an Affiliate of the CCSMH, please complete the form below.


Become an Affiliate