Shining a light on the mental health and well-being of older adults

CCSMH is committed to improving the quality of care and support for older adults throughout Canada. We work tirelessly to bridge gaps in knowledge and practice, ensuring that mental health receives the attention it deserves within the realm of aging. Our mission is rooted in evidence-based approaches, compassionate advocacy, and the unwavering belief that every older adult deserves the best possible mental health care. We hope you enjoy the resources we have put together to learn more about mental health in older adults.

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  • Watch the video to meet CCSMH Co-Chair, Dr. David Conn along with Executive Director, Claire Checkland and the Manager of Knowledge Mobilization, Dr. Lauren Albrecht, who share their thoughts about the upcoming clinical guidelines and areas of focus projects.
  • Read the this article to learn more about how cultivating your mental health bears fruit later in life.
  • Browse the variety of resources below developed for health care professionals, social service providers, older adults and care partners.
  • Learn more about professional development opportunities for health care providers (see below).
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Launching in 2024: Three NEW Clinical Guidelines

Digital Posters

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Information for Older Adults and Care Partners

Brochures for Older Adults and Care Partners

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Professional Development Opportunities for Health Care Professionals

CCSMH Clinical Guidelines