CCSMH Strategic Priorities: Education

One of the CCSMH’s strategic priorities is to support educational opportunities for front line workers and informal caregivers. The Population Health Fund, Health Canada supported the development of catalogues with educational resources for front line staff (e.g. nurses, physicians, health care aides, social workers, occupational therapists etc) and informal caregivers (family members, friends, and neighbours) who provide care for seniors in long-term care and other residential settings.

The catalogues consist of relevant educational materials such as books, videos, websites and educational programs each with clear and concise annotations and a description on how to access the materials (Note: the catalogues were developed in 2002 and some of the information may be out of date). The catalogues can be used in education departments, by program managers, administrators or as a direct tool for staff to strengthen their skills; and for caregivers to acquire information and support options as they face various challenges.

The following catalogue can be downloaded free of charge. You will need Adobe Reader to view this file.

 Additional Resources on Education