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Who can become a member?
There are two types of memberships: “organizational” and “individual”. A potential member must work in the field of seniors’ mental health or have an interest in seniors’ mental health issues. A member may represent seniors, family members and caregivers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, research/educational organizations and/or the private sector. Members must also be interested in helping make a positive change to the field of seniors’ mental health.

There are currently over 900 individual members and 90 organizational members from across Canada . These stakeholders are representatives of local, provincial, territorial and federal organizations.

Advisory Groups:
Some groups, such as government bodies or seniors advisory councils, are welcomed to act in an advisory capacity to the CCSMH.

Responsibilities and Benefits of Membership:
There are no costs to membership . Members are kept up-to-date on CCSMH initiatives in the field of seniors’ mental health – and those of key partners – through frequent e-newsletters.

It is expected that members (individuals or representatives from the member organization) will actively participate, as appropriate, in the formation, development and implementation of initiatives and activities of the CCSMH. Also, a member may be in a position to help implement and/or disseminate the outcomes of the CCSMH activities to other members or the public through newsletters, websites, educational initiatives, etc. Members may not speak for or represent the CCSMH independently unless specifically requested by the Chairs/Steering Committee.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a member of the CCSMH, please fill in the form.

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