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In primary care, questions are frequently raised about cannabis use for older adults as a treatment option for various conditions. Discover the variety of resources below to learn more about cannabis use in older adults.

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The goal of our clinical guidelines is to provide guidance to clinicians on preventing the development of cannabis use disorder and optimally assessing and treating older adults who have developed such a disorder.

Older adults, have a higher lifetime prevalence of use and past year use of cannabis than any generation that precedes them (Simoni-Wastila & Yang, 2006). This increased lifetime exposure, coupled with the recent legalization of non-medical cannabis use in Canada and subsequent increase in public interest, has driven the need for health care professionals to be aware of the most recent research on the use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes.

Clinician Toolkit

Infographic 1 Assessing Appropriateness Aug22-1

Assessing Appropriateness of Medical Cannabis for Older Adults

Infographic 2 Optimizing Communication Aug22-1

Optimizing Communication with Older Adults about Cannabis Use

Infographic 3 Monitoring for Adverse Effects Aug 22-1

Monitoring for Potential Adverse Effects of Cannabis and Older Adults

Infographic 4 Safer Cannabis Use Sept17-1

Clinician Strategies for Safer Cannabis use Among Older Adults

Infographic 5 UPDATED EvidenceOct11 (1)-1

Evidence for Cannabis Treatment

Infographic 7 AccessAug22-1

Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Infographic 8 Modes Sept28 (1)-1

Modes of Cannabis Use

Provincial Territorial Regulations-1

Provincial and Territorial Regulations, Guidelines and Standards

Watch the webinar below which summarizes the Clinical Guidelines on Cannabis Use Among Older Adults

Watch the webinar presenting knowledge gap in cannabis use in older adults