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Clinical Guidelines

Discover the guidelines on Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

For Older Adults and Care Partners

Explore ways to support mental health and well-being for yourself and loved ones.

Do you support someone experiencing changes in mood or behaviour related to dementia?

The Behaviours in Dementia Toolkit is a brand-new online library of over 300 free, practical resources that can help you better understand and compassionately respond to dementia-related changes in mood or behaviour.

Helping people affected by dementia requires that people living with dementia, their families, care partners and health care professionals are equipped with knowledge and tools to understand what is causing these beahvioural and psychological changes how best to help in a person-centred way.

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Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Learn best practices to assess, prevent and treat behavioural changes in dementia.

Stay tuned: online orders for paper copies of the guidelines will be available soon. Fees may apply.

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Recommendations from the clinical guidelines

Want to know more about key recommendations from the clinical guidelines?  Print this infosheet for an at-a-glance reminder in your office and share it with your colleagues.

Helpful resources for healthcare professionals


Acute Care Teams caring for people with dementia


First Responders caring for people with dementia


Personal Support Workers caring for people with dementia

Webinars and podcasts

Listen to Dr. Seitz’s interview with the Canadian Medical Association Journal podcast (2018)

Listen to Dr. Watt's interview with the British Medical Journal podcast (2022)

Watch Dr. Jennifer Watt's presentation on Managing Dementia Without Antipsychotics (2023)

Watch Dr. Marie-Andrée Bruneau's National ECHO presentation on BPSD (2023)

Helpful resources for long term care and home care providers


Helpful resources to increase meaningful engagement


Helpful resources to create positive change in care homes

Learn more about the different types of dementia


Frontotemporal Dementia


Alzheimer's Disease


Lewy Body Dementia


Young Onset Dementia

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