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Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

The development of these guidelines brought together people who have experience living with dementia, researchers and health care professionals to identify best practices to prevent and treat behavioural changes in dementia and develop resources and tools that can be shared across Canada.

Stay tuned: online orders for printed copies of the guidelines will be possible soon. Fees may apply.

The Guidelines are intended to:

1 ) Inform shared decision-making among people living with dementia, caregivers of people living with dementia and health care providers (i.e., nurses, family physicians, specialist clinicians, and providers from other health disciplines), in Canada; and,

2 ) Support health care leaders, policymakers and researchers to understand future areas to develop health services and interventions to prevent and reduce BPSD.

Read the press release (March 28, 2024)

Meet the Team

In January, 2023, a Working Group was formed to develop and synthesize the guidelines. This group consists of interdisciplinary leading subject matter experts across Canada in the field of dementia. Members met monthly to advance this work by offering their clinical expertise, evaluating research evidence, voting on recommendations, and drafting the guidelines. The guideline development also included input from individuals from across the country with lived experience with dementia or informal caregiving experience to older adults with dementia.

Watch the recent webinar presenting the guidelines by Dr. Seitz and Dr. Watt. (March 2024)

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