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Discover the guidelines on depression in older adults.

For Older Adults and Care Partners

Explore ways to support mental health and well-being for yourself and loved ones.

Although depression can be quite common in later life, depression is not a typical part of aging.

All older adults have the right and deserve to receive services and care that promotes their mental health and responds to their mental illness needs.

 Depression can be treated in different ways. The type of depression, how severe it is, and the wishes of the older adult will all help determine the best treatment.

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The cover of the booklet for the Canadian Guidelines on Depression which included wavy shapes in a pastel colour.

Read the Guidelines

Discover the Canadian Guidelines on Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of Depression Among Older Adults (2021).

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Clinician pocket card for depression in older adults

Depression In Older Adults Clinician Pocket Card

The Depression In Older Adults clinician pocket card provides an overview of the assessment and treatment of depression in older adults.

Stay tuned: online orders for paper copies of the pocket card will be available soon. Fees may apply.

EN Depression Medication Infographic Image for Web

Depression In Older Adults - Medication Guidelines

A card with a checklist and other information featured in a layout with bold green colour blocking

Clinician Card

View, download, and print the clinician card "Are my patients at higher risk of depression?"  co-created by CCSMH and National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. It provides an overview of diagnostic considerations for depression in older adults.

An information sheet with numbered points creatively displayed with colour.

Stepped Care Model Infographic

Discover the Stepped Care Model Treatment for depression in older adults.

A layout with many facts and heading captured in a purple and blue colour blocked layout.

Stepped Care Screensaver

Download the Stepped-Care Treatment Information screensaver.

Discover National ECHO Program webinars

Mood Disorders: Focus on Depression (2021). Presented by Dr. Cindy Grief, MD, MSc, FRCPC.

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