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Clinical Guidelines - Launching in 2024

The CCSMH is engaging with older adults and care partners, health care providers, and community organizations across Canada to deliver clinical guidelines and tools that will address the stigma around aging and mental health, empower older adults to take steps to support mental health and well-being, and establish best practices for anxiety in older Canadians.

There are currently no existing guidelines for anxiety in older adults to help support health care providers with assessment and treatment.  Older adults also need access to good evidence-based mental health information to help them prevent or manage mental health symptoms and thrive.

For more information regarding the upcoming guidelines, contact Titus Chan, Project Coordinator (

Listen to Dr. Andrea Iaboni, clinical lead of the guidelines, on the recent podcast interview with Anxiety Canada where she discusses the challenges older adults face in seeking mental health support, including the need for specialized treatment tailored to their unique circumstances. Dr. Iaboni underscores the significance of CCSMH’s upcoming clinical guidelines, which aim to bridge gaps in understanding and treatment for both health care providers and older adults and their caregivers.

Meet the Working Group:

Poster presented at the 2023 Canadian Association of Gerontology conference in Toronto, Ontario: 

Poster Anxiety in Older Adults