Welcome to the Atlantic Seniors’ Mental Health Network!

What is the Atlantic Seniors Mental Health Network (ASMHN)?

The Atlantic Seniors’ Mental Health Network (ASMHN) brings together and supports frontline workers to serve the mental health needs of older adults in Atlantic Canada.  The ASMHN is a regional knowledge exchange and translation (KE/ KT) network of the Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health (CCSMH) and Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP). Established in 2010, the ASMHN has grown from eight to over 500 members.

What are the goals of ASMHN?

Our goals are to support and grow our regional community of practice in mental health care of older adults. The ASMHN offers regional networking and knowledge translation and exchange opportunities to share experiences and expertise, promote excellence and best practices in seniors’ mental health promotion and service delivery, and support advocacy and social policy advancements. While the ASMHN promotes regional networking and KT and engagement, CCSMH and CAGP does the same nationally.

You are invited!  Join the ASMHN Community of Practice

All Atlantic province healthcare providers and seniors-serving health organization members are invited to join the ASMHN.  Affiliation with the ASMHN is free! You will receive our regional updates, news, educational opportunities and a connection with and belonging to our growing community of practice.

Examples of disciplines that are ASMHN affiliates:

  • Allied Health (nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, physical therapists)
  • Geriatricians
  • Family Physicians, including Health Care of the Elderly Physicians
  • Psychiatrists, including Geriatric Psychiatrists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Workers in Adult Protection, Continuing Care, Long Term Care, and more
  • Provincial government reps from relevant sectors (Departments of Health, Continuing Care, Seniors)

Useful Practice Online Resources for Atlantic Canadian Clinicians

The following is a list of free Mental Health Promotion Resources for Atlantic Canadian clinicians and for use with older adults/ patients: –CBT for insomnia and information on the risks versus benefits of sleeping medications.–Behavioural activation resources to promote mental health and wellbeing including the health behaviour change toolkit.– Online courses and resources to promote wellbeing (for individuals, organizations and clinicians- for self and for patients)– A free, web-based app for health behaviour change (with goal-tracking)

www.memorycafens.caSocial events organized for people living with dementia and caregivers to promote wellbeing and connection. Hosted online from NS but available to all Atlantic Canadians.

ASMHN History & Structure

The ASMHN was launched in 2010 at the CCSMH Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Initially only eight core members, ASMHN today has grown to over 500 regional affiliates! The ASMHN receives financial support from the CAGP. The ASMHN Leadership Team meets at least twice a year to provide direction for the ASMHN.

ASMHN Leadership Team

The ASMHN Leadership Team is composed of 1-2 representatives from each of the four Atlantic Provinces (co-chairs from two provinces - currently Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) and a national representative from the CCSMH who serves as a co-Chair.

National Representative
Claire Checkland CCSMH National Rep, Executive Director, CCSMH, ASMHN Co-Chair
NS Representatives
Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy ASMHN Co-Chair, Sector: Urban NS Health Authority, Geriatric Psychiatrist
Dr. Ian Mackay ASMHN Co-Chair, Sector: Rural Health Authority, Geriatric Psychiatrist
Mr. Paul Fieldhouse Sector: Continuing Care, Manager Behavioural Health and LTC
Ms. Wendy McVeigh Sector: Continuing Care, Director, Continuing Care
NB Representatives
Dr. Sarah Thompson ASMHN Co-Chair, Sector: NB Health Authority, Geriatric Psychiatrist
Ms. Debbra Cyr-Lebel Sector: NB Department of Health Senior Health Consultant, Psychologist
NL Representatives
Vacant Sector: NL Department of Health
Vacant Sector: NL Department of Health, Social Worker
Dr. Veronica Hutchings Sector: NL Health Authority/ Research, Geriatric Psychologist
Dr. Kimberly Babb Sector: NL Health Authority, Geriatrician
PEI Representative
Dr. J. Salabarria PEI representative, Sector: PEI Health Authority, Geriatric Psychiatrist

If you are interested in joining the ASMHN Leadership Team, please contact:

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