Many older adults experience anxiety. However, anxiety is not a normal part of aging.  It is important that we recognize and treat anxiety in older adults.

Information for Older Adults & Families:


  1. We've created a one page resource sheet, Weed Out Worry, so you can start feeling better today


Information & Tools for Clinicians:

  1. Our project to develop Canadian Guidelines on anxiety in older adults is underway. These guidelines will provide healthcare providers, older adults and their caregivers with evidence-based best practices for the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of anxiety.
  2. Watch our 2023 ECHO Session on Late Life Anxiety Disorders, presented by Dr. Andrea Iaboni.


Healthcare providers: We would like your thoughts about making anxiety guidelines that work for you and your patients.  Please complete this 5-minute survey.

If you have some experience or interest in the topic of anxiety in older adults, we would love to hear from you! Please email Sarah Burke Dimitrova, Engagement Lead, at: