Promoting Wellness in Aging

Mental health can be improved through promoting active and healthy aging. Mental health-specific health promotion for older adults involves creating living conditions and environments that support wellbeing and that support all people to lead a healthy life.

Being physically active, socially connected and challenging your brain can improve your long-term health and can help you to bounce back from illness. “These risk factors along with a positive attitude toward aging and addressing mental health are key modifiable factors to reduce overall dementia burden by up to 35%.” (Lancet, July 2017).


The Brain Health and Wellness Project

Funded through the Canadian Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)our Brain Health & Wellness Project promoted brain health and resilience across the lifespan. The project utilized the Fountain of HealthTM model engaging and supporting clinicians to implement health behaviour change tools to effectively help patients set and achieve one personalized S.M.A.R.T* goal.

To learn more about the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit for clinicians and The Wellness App click here: Fountain of Health

The toolkit and app work to shift the paradigm of healthcare away from a disease-based model to one that promotes brain health by activating behaviours known to increase mental health and wellness.

"Put self-care into healthcare: one small step at a time!"


For more information or to participate, please contact:
The Brain Health & Wellness Project
Email: Phone: 1-833-722-2151 App: