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Alcohol use among older adults

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among older adults. In Canada, rates of hospitalization entirely due to alcohol are the highest in the 50-75 age group. At-risk drinking is more prevalent among older adults and is likely responsible for a large share of harm (falls, motor vehicle accidents, etc.).

Substance Use Disorder

Older adults have an increased vulnerability to the effects of substance use and they experience more harm associated with them compared to younger adults. Learn more about cannabis, opioids and benzodiazepines use among older adults.

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Download or print our brochure about older adults and alcohol use for information about the impacts of alcohol on health and tips for drinking less.

Download or print our winter mocktail recipe cards and enjoy our zero proof drink recipes at home or your next social gathering.

Download or print our summer mocktail recipe cards and enjoy our zero proof drink recipes at home or your next social gathering.


Watch the National ECHO webinar (showcased to the right) with Johnathan Bertram on older adults and substance use disorder, including alcohol use disorder.

Jonathan Bertram, MD, CCFP, is an addiction medicine physician at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health with a special interest in First Nations outreach, and older adults in the context of pain and addictions treatment. He is a consultant physician on geriatric addictions management to Community Outreach Programs in Addictions (COPA), and runs a community practice in pain, family medicine and addictions in Bowmanville, Ontario.

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