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Benzodiazepines can help reduce anxiety and sleep problems for a few days or weeks, but they can have dangerous effects on your health and well-being. If prescribed, they should not be taken for longer than 4 weeks in a row. It is important to seek help from a health care provider to stop this medication, as it has severe withdrawal symptoms.

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Download our brochure to find information about the impacts of benzodiazepine use, including tips for discussing the topic with your health care provider.

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Caregiving can be rewarding. Yet, most caregivers experience conflicting feelings of isolation, grief, compassion, joy and overwhelm as they provide care.

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This list is designed to help primary health care & clinical care providers assess and discuss with persons aged 65 or older, the potential risks and benefits of taking benzodiazepines. There is valuable information to bring to your health care provider if you wish to discuss the use of benzodiazepines for yourself or a loved one.

Watch the National ECHO webinar on older adults and substance use

Older Adults and Substance Use Disorder (2023)

Presented by Dr. Jonathan Bertram, MD, CCFP. Dr. Bertram is an addiction medicine physician at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health with a special interest in First Nations and older adults in the context of pain and addiction treatment.

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